Install all packages used in this guide

yay -S waybar-hyprland-git clipman wlogout xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland wofi polkit-kde-agent \
brightnessctl swaylock mako Networkmanager swaybg bc bluez bluez-utils
  • The config file is located in ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf make sure you remove the autogenerated=1 so it won’t override your configuration!

For nice and organized config I recommend the following structure

├── autostart
├── configs
│   ├── exec.conf
│   ├── keybinds.conf
│   ├── monitors.conf
│   └── window_rules.conf
├── hyprland.conf
├── scripts
│   ├── workspace
│   └── xdph
└── themes

4 directories, 8 files

Main config file

  • Make sure you change the line that contains kb_layout = yourLayout


  • You can find all the configuration files in post the Instalation/Configuration guide in my github or can be directly downloaded


# put this in keybinds.conf file
exec-once =  ~/.config/hypr/xdph
exec-once = ~/.config/hypr/autostart
  • autostart
    • –> put the commands/scripts you which to auto start (You can use exec.conf for that too)
  • keybinds.conf
    • keybindings for different apps and scripts
  • monitors.conf
    • control the monitors behavior
  • window_rules.conf
    • for each app (float,opacity etc)
  • exec.conf
    • exec command at start
  • workspace
    • a script to switch from different monitors
  • xdph
    • Support for window sharing and region sharing using xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland

App Launcher

  • you can use either rofi or wofi ( a fork of rofi )

  • The script below works only for wofi !

sudo pacman -S wofi

config -> $HOME/.config/wofi/config style -> $HOME/.config/wofi/style.css

bind= SUPER, p, exec, wofi --show run -I


  • wifi,bluethooth,passwords,clipboard,recording & window sharing and emojies from wofi to do that you can use the following scripts found in my github

  • wofi-wifi

    • dependencies: nmcli, bc
  • wofi-bluethooth

    • dependencies: bluez, bluez-utils
  • clipman pick -t wofi

    • you need to download clipman
      • sudo yay -S clipman
      • exec-once = wl-paste -t text –watch clipman store –no-persist
      • exec-once = wl-paste -p -t text –watch clipman store -P –histpath="~/.local/share/clipman-primary.json"
  • wofi-pass

    • dependencies: pass, pass-otp
  • wofi-record

    • dependencies: grim, slurp, wf-recorder
  • wofi-emojies

You can run them from your keybinding file

bind = ALT, p, exec, clipman pick -t wofi
bind = ALT, j, exec, wofi-web
bind = ALT, i, exec, wofi --show run -I
bind = ALT, e, exec, wofi-emoji
bind = ALT, h, exec, wofi-pass
bind = $mainMod, r, exec, wofi-record
bind = $mainMod, d, exec, wofi-blu
bind = $mainMod, s, exec, wofi-wifi

Waybar (Status Bar)

The most popular and customizable option is waybar To install it

yay -S waybar-hyprland-git

config -> $HOME/.config/waybar/config style -> $HOME/.config/waybar/[style.css](config

  • put it in exec.conf
exec-once = waybar &

Volume and Brightness

sudo pacman -S brightnessctl
# put this in your keybindings file
bindl=, XF86AudioLowerVolume, exec, wpctl set-volume @DEFAULT_AUDIO_SINK@ 5%-
binde=, XF86AudioRaiseVolume, exec, wpctl set-volume -l 1.5 @DEFAULT_AUDIO_SINK@ 5%+
binde=, XF86MonBrightnessUp, exec, brightnessctl -e set 2%+
binde=, XF86MonBrightnessDown, exec, brightnessctl -e set 2%-

Notification daemon

you can use either dunst or mako

sudo pacman -S dunst
exec-once = dunst &

Authentication Agent

the recommended one for Arh is polkit-kde-agent

sudo pacman -S polkit-kde-agent

You can auto start it with


App Clients that works smoothly in hyprland

App Client Links


A minimal choice is swaybg static wallpaper: exec-once: swaybg -m fill -i FILE.jpg Dynamic wallpapers: exec-once: setbg setbg is the following script

cd $HOME/pic/wallpapers && swaybg -m fill -i $(ls *.jpg | shuf | head -n 1) &

A wayland based logout menu

yay -S wlogout # logout menu
yay -S swaylock # to lock out the screen
bind = $MainMod, q, exec, wlogout #put it in your keybinds.conf file

</ Enjoy 🤓 !>

If you have any insights or suggestions, I would love to hear them 🙂.