Demo Video

Install dependencies

# On Debian and Ubuntu based distributions :
sudo apt update && sudo apt install jq curl fzf ueberzug
# On Fedora Workstation
sudo dnf install jq curl fzf ueberzug
# On Arch Linux based distributions
sudo pacman -S jq curl fzf ueberzug

Install YTfzf

# Yay users :
yay ytfzf
# Paru users :
paru ytfzf

For any other Linux Distribution users, you can directly install it by typing the following in the Terminal :

git clone
cd ytfzf
sudo make install doc

Playing Videos

For the sake of simplicity, let’s create an alias for ourselves so that the launch process becomes a lot easier to use. Type the following in your terminal

alias yt='ytfzf -t'
source .bashrc
Enjoy !
If you have any insights or suggestions, I would love to hear them 🙂.