Watch YouTube from the command line

Watch YouTube from the command line with Ytfzf

Install Ytfzf to Watch YouTube videos in a completely brand NEW way!. Ytfzf is A posix script to find and watch YouTube videos from the terminal.

Faster as a computer science student 002

The Ultimate Note-Taking System 🗒 | Pandoc, Markdown and Vimwiki

The quickest and effective way I've come across to take notes on a laptop. Is by using Pandoc & Markdown. You can create presentation slides, PDFs or craft a resume. Vim makes it even a lot easier with 'Vim Macros' and 'abbreviations'; Although that would be the subject for another post.


SOS You Need to activate Linux 🐧

Windows users always brag about their lovely watermark notification (Activate Windows) , today it's no longer the case, Linux has got your back.

Faster as a computer science student 001

100x Faster as CS student - Terminal automation

One downside of using a GUI (Graphical) application is you loose the ability to automate things. In this post i'll try to cover and highlight some unix tools, as well as some terminal aliases that will make your life easier 😃.

language learning

All in one post to master English

Learn English from podcasts , games, or structured Mooc platforms , whatever you prefer! I'm sure you will still find some useful links that works for you.